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attack on titan for android and ios

Attack on Titan is a single/multiplayer hack and slash action game that was released in Japan on Feb 18 , 2016. It was developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo for Playstation3, Playstation4, PlayStation Vita and later on Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms.

The plot of the game is based on the story of the series of the same name which was created by Hajime Isayana. The protagonist in the series is a fictional character known as Eren Jaeger who tries to avenge his mother’s death. She was eaten by the Titans outside the three massive walls that they had built around the only place in a world where human civilisation existed.

The game is this conflict between the Titans or giants and Eren and nine other characters from the manga. They join a Survey Corp military to train to protect the rest of the settlers and to protect them from the giant invasion. It is the third person action game interpretation of the anime.

As people had been questioning a lot regarding the release of this game on the mobile platforms - android and ios, we came up with this article to answer all of the questions.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom For Android and Ios Reviews

attack on titan apk and ios

Attack on Titan outsold Street Fighter V at approximately 150,682 copies being sold only in Japan in the first week and 700,000 copies worldwide. The game was scored an average of 8/10 by most of the reviews and accolades were given for its cinematic animation and details that made it feel as close to the manga as possible.

The fan-made games are good, but this is the game that every gamer and fan of the manga were expecting. It looks like an animated episode. The cuts-cenes are very stylised, and the colour and visuals are on point.

It became popular mainly because the gameplay follows the core story of the animated manga, very much in line with the show episodes and play out the events in sequence. This also follows up in the android and ios versions of this game.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom Android Features

attack on titan on android

The main characters in the story are Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin and Levi but the game features ten playable characters that are based on the story. There is a point in the game that allows you to switch characters among the ten players to clear a mission. Each of these characters has their style that suits their personality, and they can be changed according to the players' requirements to complete a task.

The Titans are the main antagonists of the game who prance around naked and tried to decapitate the players. They vary in shapes and sizes, and this keeps the game interesting.

The game about 15 hours long and the chapters unfold through the plot of the animated series.

The game also features a variety of locations on the map to give the players the options to save other settlers from the Titans entirely obliterating the district. This does not affect success in the primary game, but it gives the characters a chance to gain rewards to upgrade their skills and gain more motivation to attack the Titans.

The game features an epilogue that seems quite lengthy, and players are forced to go through it to unravel the new plot in the game.

The game features a pretty solid multiplayer co-op made with up to 3 players, so it is possible to attack Titans in a bigger arena. Players can team up, use tactics and work together or split for maximum kill.

The good lobby system allows players to communicate with other players and upgrade weapons.

These are only few of the features we have mentioned about the game. There are way more massive super cool features that we haven't even talked about yet. People definitely need to check out the game themselves to get access to more awesome stuffs. The game features are pretty much similar in compared to the android/ios version with the PS4 version of Aot Wings Of Freedom game.

Attack On Titan Apk & Ios Gameplay

download attack on titan android ios

Attack on Titan is an epic action game that brings the most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments of the manga’s first season to life. Players will engage in high-flying, high octane combat.

The soldiers train to protect the wall and the citizens from the attack of the Titans. They have army directional mobile gear that helps them swing around the environment with grappling hooks.

The characters in the game can fly through the air at rapid speed, find a titan, grapple and attack it by flying in a momentum. They can pick off certain parts of the Giants’ body to weaken it and then kill it by slashing the nape of the neck which is the only way to kill them.

The environment is detailed and massive, so there is room to explore. Once you get a war horse, you can ride it around, launch off the horse and attack a titan. This strategy is especially useful when playing with powerful characters like Levi and Mikasa.

The chapters are divided into a list of missions that set the players on a map with specific objectives that range from merely killing titans to protecting a particular item on the map or guiding soldiers from one point to another. This is pretty much the complications of this game.

You scroll through the place by using omnidirectional mobile gear that is used to fly through the air and scale the titans quickly. Attacking the titans require you to lock on to one of the giant’s limb in one stroke. You can also use individual cylinders on the characters gear to propel yourself forward or upward.

Once you've completed all the map’s required objectives, one final boss titan will appear for you to take down. These boss titans are the same as the smaller ones, and they are easy to kill. All the Titans can be taken down with minimal strategy, and the challenges are quite dull and repetitive.

As you might have noticed yourself, the mobile gameplay on the video above is same as the Playstation4 version of the game. It looks absolutely stunning. And to experience this game on your mobile, you need to get either the apk or the ios file and install it on your phone.

New Aot Wings Of Freedom Game Insights

download attack on titan apk iphone

Attacking the Titans seems a little intimidating in the beginning, but the challenge becomes smooth once the player gets used to it. Attacking moves like targeting, swinging and slashing them becomes an intuitive combo.

Attacking targets are quick but need precision. Missing the mark might lead you to fall and being stomped by the Titans. The message that pops up after nailing a win or a failure serves as an aid to improve attacking skills.

Different titans and different strategies nuance the gameplay and you can also select other characters to play in the field that you can control and command and, that's it, so it is quite a simple game, suitable for pro gamers as well as a newbie.

All in all, AOT Wings Of Freedom is a thrilling game that has a great storyline and excellent cinematic experience, allowing the players to participate in the action of an animated series that they have watched before. There are very little objectives and side objectives. This can feel quite repetitive but still it's hell awesome.

Well, obviously, every details of the game are not covered on this article, so, as we said earlier, you need to play the game yourself to enter into the world of titans and see what more exciting stuffs are waiting for you!

How To Download, Install And Play New Attack On Titan Game On Mobile:

attack on titan mobile game
  • Download the new attack on titan game file apk or ios from the link provided.
  • After clicking the download button, the file automatically starts downloading, however, it might not show the download progress so wait till the apk file(30MB) is fully downloaded.
  • If you are using an Ios platform, simply, download the attack on titan game ios file from the link, install and launch it to download the additional game files.
  • For the android version, make sure you have got enough storage space on your mobile(approx 1.7gb) for installation of apk and additional game obb files.
  • Also, before downloading, make sure to check - allow the installation of applications from unknown sources from the settings.
  • After that, install the downloaded AOT apk file on your phone, launch it and it will automatically start downloading the additional game obb files.
  • Wait for the application to complete downloading all the data files.
  • After the game data files are completed downloading, the AOT game will itself launch

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